Friday, March 6, 2009

Quote of the day

On Mike starting his own blog..."The whole thing could be about correcting my blog!"--Me, after his Negative Nellie complaints about my posts.


Denise said...

What does he complain about? Content or grammar/spelling? If he needs help setting one up that would be geared towards correcting yours, Nick could show him how to steal your blog, and he could go from there!

Mom of 7 said...

LOL! Well, mostly he gets mad when I blog about things he does that aren't good. To that I say, well then, don't do them! He is still mad that I blogged about him being on the Blackberry at the restaurant last week. He claims he was only on for two minutes when it was at least 15, probably closer to 20.

He and CUP also correct my spelling and grammar. When I am thinking I tend to type really quickly and not concentrate on spelling or grammar and then I forget to proofread, but CUP is mainly the one who complains about that!

I hope Mike doesn't see these comments because about 10 minutes ago he said he was going to break into my blog and correct everything and say stuff about me. If he remembers that Nick knows how to steal entire blogs, he will take advantage of that, I'm sure!