Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Quote of the day

Background for quote of the day: Alex, Luke and Shauna were trying to figure out how to get a third snow day, now that the roads are clear. They said they would spray the roads with water, so when they send transportation out to test the roads, they would see the ice and cancel school again. A few minutes after they finished the discussion, this happened:

Alex: "Mom, I just got a text message from Shauna that said 'Get a warm, heavy jacket and tonight at twelve, I will wake up so we can fill up a lot of buckets of water'. "

This is probably only funny if you know Shauna, but we do and it was hilarious!


Denise said...

Too funny! Shauna cracks me up.

I just saw your comment about the Ian look-alike at the Sprint store. What was he doing - tearing swiping phones and taking people's pictures with them, or just general destruction? OR, did he just look like Ian, but not act like him??

I have to confess; I don't even know HOW to text!!!

Mom of 7 said...

He looked like Ian and was acting like him! First his mom was trying to show something on her phone to the customer service rep and he kept grabbing it away from her. Then he said, "I want black phone" and she handed him her black phone. He then proceeded to scream, "This not black!", while his mom tried to convince him that it was, indeed, black. He then screamed, "NO! It yellow!" and everyone in the store laughed. Then she sat him on the desk and he stretched himself out and was wiggling all over it like a little snake, so she took him off. Then he started walking around the store, talking a mile a minute, and yelling very loudly. Our rep was on the phone with Sprint and she couldn't even hear them! Then he was grabbing all the display phones, which are connected by a thick wire to the display and pulling them out and letting them go. Then he would pull one out and shout something about the phone across the room to his older brother, over and over and over! He was actually really cute and I was enjoying his antics, but it was clear that his mom and dad were not and some of the other customers were not.