Thursday, March 5, 2009

Family, Ugh!

Yesterday was my niece's birthday, so I called my sister's house. No one answered after two calls and I knew the girls were home, so I called my sister's cell phone. She was working but called me back. I sent her a text message the other day, telling her that I now have unlimited text messaging and it is okay for her to text me now. She tells me that she didn't know who it was from! Hello????? The message says Michelle on it, you only have one living sibling and her name is Michelle and you don't know who it is from????? She later figured out it was me after calling my mother to tell her she got this weird text and my mother says she got one, too, and it was from me. Ugh!


Denise said...

I'm trying not to laugh. I'm not succeeding.

Mom of 7 said...

I knew you would think this was funny, since you have met my sister. Seriously, my name came up on the text message because I'm in her phone contact list and she STILL couldn't figure out who I was! This is a perfect example of why my blog is named "Are You Kidding Me??????? and why I don't tell my relatives about it!