Friday, March 20, 2009

A moment of panic

I'm on my way out the door for California. While I was getting ready and watching the local news, they had a report that a pedestrian had been killed just blocks from Steven's new home. I had a few minutes of panic because Steven is always in that area, on his bike or on foot, since his car is inoperable. His bike is unsafe, no brakes, no lights, and probably no or few reflectors. The person was dead on the scene and the name wasn't being released. I called Steven's cell phone and got no answer. I called again and he answered. Whew!

He is fine, but actually was there last night and came upon the accident scene. He saw the body covered with a sheet. Thank God Steven is okay, but I feel so bad that someone was killed.

California, here I come!


Linda B. said...

I cannot imagine the panic you felt. My cousins stepdaughter was just killed as a pedestrian, a hit and run on top of it. I am now so hyper-vigalent about walking near vehicles. Should be anyways, but it's these reminders that hit hard. Have a wonderful California!

Mom of 7 said...


After the first wave of panic hit, the next thing I thought of was Joan. I have been following her tragic story on your blog. I am so sorry for all of your family.