Saturday, March 7, 2009

We set a new record today

Shortest time ever in the Emergency Room! Yes, I was in the local emergency room, again, just 3 weeks after the last time. I was keeping my head down, hoping no one would recognize me! We set a new record for fast ER visits, though. We were out in 1 hour and 15 minutes. Wow, I usually allot between 3 and 6 hours for an ER visit. While we were there, we figured out that 6 out of 7 kids have been in the emergency room in the last 18 months. That is a record I don't want to break!

Everything is fine, although Alex has a sprained ankle. He was at play practice at school today and apparently the set wasn't built too well. They had a wooden staircase and it collapsed and he fell through. The play starts in 10 days, so he should be okay by then. He has an ace bandage wrap and an air cast. He will be on crutches for about a week and then he should get back to normal pretty quickly.

We had some fun at the ER. The x-ray technician came in to get him and my first thought was that she looked like a cave woman! Alex actually let out a startled, Uh, when she started coming in. She had long hair, looked like she was high, and her hair was all wild, just like they always depict cave woman. She asked Alex his date of birth and he told her and she said her birthday was December 1st also. Then she said in a monotone voice, "1957". Just the way she said it was so funny.

Then the triage room was right across the hall from us and the triage nurse had a very loud voice. Some poor woman came in and the whole hall heard that she had bipolar disorder, was having a panic attack and hasn't been taking her medications!

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