Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Getting ready

I'm busy getting ready for my trip. I'm going to see Alex's play rehearsal tonight since I am going to miss the actual production when I'm in California. They were supposed to have a performance last night, but then the play wasn't ready (due to the director having no clue as to what she is doing) and so she changed that performance to next Tuesday. I purposely planned my trip around that performance, knowing I would have to miss the ones this weekend. I never heard of a director changing a performance date, so I didn't even think about that possibility. I am upset that I won't get to see the actual play or the understudy performance. Alex said today that he thinks they are recording it, so I hope I can purchase a copy.

Tomorrow I have an IEP meeting for Shauna. I don't really have time for that, but it is very important, so, of course, I will be there. I'm anxious to get her IEP going so she will have some relief. She is very stressed out because she is working so hard and doesn't get anywhere.

Hannah is off with a middle school youth group from a local church. She attends every Wednesday and this week because the schools had an early release, they planned a trip to a nursing home to visit the elderly. Her friends, Bitch One and Bitch Two, who normally attend, decided not to go this week because they don't want to visit old people. God forbid they would do something nice! I was proud of Hannah for going anyway, even knowing that they wouldn't be there. She felt a little funny about going completely on her own, without being sure if she would know anyone. She has really been looking forward to this, though, so I hope she is having a good time. She has had a rough few days, beginning on Sunday, but starting yesterday evening, things have really smoothed out for her. Her throat was much better this morning, so I think we are safe from strep, at least for the moment.

Well, I have to get a grocery list going, so CUP has something to feed the kids while I'm gone. That is the worst part of going away, planning and preparing meals for them to eat while I'm gone. Yuck! Luckily Alex and the girls can cook some things, so I don't have to actually make all of the meals before I leave.

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