Friday, September 19, 2008


I'm really happy that I've been able to do a little cooking the past couple of weeks. The kids have really gotten tired of making themselves soup for dinner every night. I still need a lot of help from the kids because if I walk too much, my leg gets really painful. I made fried chicken breasts the other day with Alex as my assistant. I only make them about twice a year since fried food is a no no, but Shauna had a craving and Mike and Jack had purchased a bunch of chicken breast on a very good sale. They were yummy!

Jack made everyone flavored noodles last night. They are packaged and not healthy, but they are really cheap and I only had about half the amount of grocery money I actually need for a week, so they had to do. The kids love them and that is the only thing that Jack knows how to cook without using the microwave! I've offered to teach him to cook, but his reply is always "That's a woman's job." I can't wait until he gets married and his wife beats the crap out of him for saying that!

After most of the kids were in bed, I made the batter for chocolate ice cream. It had to cool in the fridge after cooking, so we are going to freeze it later, after adding some crushed double stuff oreos to it. I have been hiding a package of oreos in my dresser drawer for this recipe. I just hope no one discovered the stash and ate them! It is getting harder and harder to find good hiding places around here. Then when I do think of a new hiding place, I always forget where it is! Hopefully the ice cream will be good. This is my first attempt at making chocolate ice cream and my first time using an ice cream recipe that involves cooking some of the ingredients.

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