Tuesday, September 30, 2008

No rages yesterday, YAY!

Hannah was very calm and dare I say it, sweet! She and Shauna helped me make cream cheese brownies for Jack's birthday. She was very patient with waiting for the right time to lick the bowl. She asked at least 5 times, but didn't argue when I said not yet. When I finally said yes, she licked that bowl cleaner than I've ever seen it! Later on, Shauna noticed that Hannah had taken one of her shirts, cut the straps off the inner shirt (it was one of those shirts that has a spaghetti strap top attached, underneath a long sleeved top) and cut the shirts apart. When I called her downstairs, she came down and went directly into the powder room. I asked her why she wasn't coming in to the kitchen to talk to me and she said, "I already know what I did and I'm in the time-out." LOL, so she CAN learn!!!!!

Hannah is having a really hard time at school and around the neighborhood with a new girl that moved in recently and has decided to steal all of Hannah's friends away from her and treat Hannah as badly as possible. She is the same one that I posted about a few weeks ago. She, Hannah and two of Hannah's other friends had all been hanging out together and Rebecca invited them all for a sleep-over. Rebecca's mom said they couldn't stay over that night, but that the other two girls were welcome to stay the next night, but Hannah was not. The mom even came over and told us that Hannah could stay the next weekend, but several weekends have gone by now and still no invitation for Hannah. Surprise, surprise! Now Rebecca is being totally nasty to Hannah.

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