Friday, September 19, 2008


Well, I was just talking to Luke's best friend, Stephen B., about the dog and I realized that we forgot all about the dog's first birthday. It was on September 9th and while I remembered that was the birthday of one of the friends that fixed Mike and I up to go on a date in 1980, I totally forgot that it is also Wrigley's birthday.

Now I'm not a person to care too much about pet's birthdays, other than to mention them to the kids, but I'm sure the younger kids will be mad at me for not remembering. I kept thinking that because we got him on November 9th, that that was his birthday.

So Happy Belated Birthday Wrigley! (I'm sure he reads my blog. I figure he must have some hidden talents and he is just pretending to be the dumbest dog on the planet!)

Speaking of birthdays, Jack's due date is tomorrow. Yes, weird, I know, but I still celebrate the bio kids due dates. I would celebrate the adopted kids due dates, if I knew what they were. I do celebrate October 20th because it is not only the date my baby brother was born and died, but it was also the day that Alex's birthmom, Elizabeth, felt him move for the first time and stopped using drugs until after he was born. I usually only celebrate in my mind, so people don't actually know how weird I am, but since I'm blogging now, I figured I'd include that little tidbit.

I also celebrate firsts and lasts, which drives Mike crazy! For example, the first hug of the new year, the baby's first smile of the year, the last diaper change of the old year, first outing with Daddy, and so on. Luke apparently takes after me because he has been pointing out every first since he got his learner's permit and car. First time he drove in the rain, first time he drove on the highway, etc.


Denise said...

HOW do you remember all of those dates??? Do you write them down or are they really stored in your head? Either way, I'm impressed.

Happy Belated Birthday to Wrigley!

Mom of 7 said...

Somehow, they are in my head. I can't figure it out because today I was trying to get someone to put something away and I said to Luke and Jack, "Someone needs to put that, um, um ,um, um, um, you know that, um, um, the thing over there, the um, um, the box with tools in it, THE TOOL BOX, that's it!" Something is definitely not right in my head.