Thursday, September 18, 2008

Do we have a racist in our family????

Last night, at 10:00 pm, as I was watching the end of Ghost Hunters and preparing to go to bed, the phone rang. As usual, Steven had left the hand held outside on the front porch, so I just let the machine get it. I then hear a message from a woman who leaves her name and number and tells me that my son said a racial slur to her son on the bus today and told him that no blacks were allowed in the back of the bus and she would like to discuss it with me.

Hmmmm, I have two sons that go to two different schools on the bus, is she talking about Luke or Alex? I can't imagine either one of them ever doing what she claimed they did. I first woke Luke up for questioning. I was actually thinking that it might have been his friend, who lately everyone thinks is my son for some reason! I explained to Luke what happened and of course he told me that he would NEVER use a racial slur or say anything like that to anyone. He said, "I have black sisters, why would I say something like that." I told him that I didn't believe he would, but I wanted to check if maybe someone around him had said it.

Next, I woke Alex up. Again, I explained the situation and got pretty much the same reaction. He also said, "I would NEVER say that to anyone, my two little sisters are black!." He also told me that there were only two black kids on the bus and one is Hannah! He also said that he and Hannah really like that boy (who just moved here) and they had played with him several times at the pool this summer.

So I called the woman back in the morning and she didn't answer so I left a message, telling her that I would like to talk to her, too. As of now, she hasn't returned my call yet.

Alex was called to the counselor's office today. When he walked in she said, "Why do you look so nervous?" He said he wasn't nervous, but I bet any kid would be nervous, just for being called down, even if they were innocent. He said that she acted like she was sure he had done this, although he said that after he explained everything to her and named the girl he was sitting with at the time, who could confirm that he hadn't said anything, she seemed to at least semi-believe him. Apparently there is another kid named Bailey, who looks a lot like Alex and several kids said he was the one who said it. Alex and his friend both told the counselor this and she also called Bailey down. When Bailey came back to class, he told the kids that he told the counselor that he hadn't done it and she believed him.

I was actually pretty mad that the counselor didn't call me about this. I plan on contacting her tomorrow. Alex also found out from the counselor that the boy who was called the name didn't want to tell anyone, but some other kid told his dad and his dad was the one that called the school to complain. I don't blame the parents for being upset or complaining. I just hope this doesn't ruin Alex's reputation at school, since the rumors have now traveled all around the middle school. Some kids think Alex did it and some think it was Bailey. Ugh!


Denise said...

I REALLY want to hear the outcome of this! How weird.

I meant to tell you that Nick got a voicemail on his cell full of racial slurs and threats. It was so bad that he called the police. We figure it's just random, but you never know, so at least it's on file with the police. Yikes.

Mom of 7 said...

Maybe it was Alex!!! LOL

Denise said...

Well, he did say that it sounded like a teenager!