Friday, September 19, 2008

I cooked something all by myself!

Except for asking Stephen B. to get me the cans of tomato out of the can cabinet, I cooked an entire meal all by myself! This is something I haven't done since mid-July! I made meatballs with orzo and zucchini and it was yummy. Ahhh, progress.

Well, the Oreos for the ice cream were not where I thought they were and I couldn't find them anywhere else. A few years from now, you will probably read a post entitled, "I was cleaning my room and I found a package of Double Stuff Oreos, I wonder how they got in here!".


Denise said...

I didn't take them, I promise...ONLY because I haven't been down there, though!

Congrats on cooking a whole meal! I can relate, believe me! :)

Mom of 7 said...

I knew you didn't take them because you would have shared with me!