Friday, September 12, 2008

A Nice Day

Yesterday, I had such a nice day! This requires a little background information, so bear with me. When I was a kid, we had a family that lived across the street from us that we were great friends with. My mom and Sharon were best friends and our whole family hung out together, went on vacation together, etc. They had a son my age, Jeff, who was my first best friend, a daughter, Jill, two years younger than me, a son, Joel, about 3 years younger than me, a son, Kurt, 4 years younger than me and then, after they moved to another nearby town when Jeff and I were in third grade, they had another son, Troy, who is about 10 or 12 years younger than me. After they moved, we kept in touch and saw them every year at first, but then every few years after a while. The last time I saw them, was three days before I moved to VA, when we saw them at their grandmother's wake. Anyway, I was messing around on the internet in June and I did a search to see if maybe Jeff or Jill had a myspace or someway that I could contact them. I found an obituary for Sharon, who had died last February. I was shocked and upset. She was such a sweet lady and not that old. In fact, the day that my baby brother died, my sister and I were staying at their house and Sharon is the one who told me the news. She was so gentle and nice about it. I told my mom that Sharon had died and she, too, was very upset. The next day, she called Ralph, Sharon's husband. They started talking on the phone pretty often and Ralph decided to come out to VA to visit, as he is a big history buff and loves the south. He and Sharon had moved to Georgia before she died.

So, I had my PT appointment. My pain had escalated last week, so the appt. was very relaxing and relieved a lot of my pain. My mom and Ralph took me to the appointment and then I went to my mom's house with them after wards. We sat on her deck and talked and I was able to get caught up on how all of Ralph's kids are doing and how their kids are doing. It was so relaxing and fun, no kids, no stress, just fun. Ralph will be leaving for Chicago next Tuesday, so I'm hoping to get to spend some more time with him over the weekend.

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