Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My son, the actor!

About a week ago, I mentioned that a friend had told me about an audition that Alex might be interested in and I was debating whether or not to let him audition for that role. Well, I wanted to ignore it, but I felt too guilty, since I know he has been dying to do something with this community theater for a long time.

Last night, he went to the audition. Jack drove him and we expected it to be a quick audition and then he would come home and wait and hope for a call saying he got a part. Well, he ended up being there for almost two hours and he got a lead-kid part! He is so excited because this will be his biggest part as of yet and this play runs for 4 weeks, with 21 performances. He got the part of Tommy Banks, the son of the "Father of the Bride". Rehearsals started tonight and the first performance will be on November 6th.

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Denise said...

You're such a good mom! I'm happy for Alex, but that schedule's going to be brutal!