Friday, September 19, 2008

This is an experiment

My husband doesn't like to talk or to listen. There is no such thing as a discussion in our house, it just doesn't happen. When there are things that we need to discuss, which is often, I figure it isn't worth wasting my time and energy to talk when I probably won't be listened to anyway. I'm pretty sure he reads my blog, so I'm going to say some things here that he probably wouldn't listen to if I said them out loud. I'm taking a chance that he might yell at me for making this public. He also might just stop reading my blog or he'll read it and ignore it. My hope is that he will read it and realize that there are things that must to be discussed for the good of both the kids and the marriage.

Today Luke and his friend, Stephen B., are cleaning Luke's room. Stephen B. is good at cleaning and organizing and Luke takes after me and is terrible at it. The only time Luke's room gets cleaned is when Stephen B. helps him. A few months ago, I told Luke to clean his room and in four hours all he cleaned up was half a bag of trash. Not half of a large trash bag, half of a Walmart size bag. Anyway, he and Stephen B. came downstairs to announce that the room is almost done. Mike's response was, "Did you do the closet?". No praise for undertaking such a huge job (Luke is a huge slob, so cleaning his room is no easy task), just a comment that implied no matter how hard he had worked so far, it wasn't good enough.

Sidebar: My next door neighbor just came to the door to tell me that someone had left the side gate open (I won't mention any names of who might have left it open, Mike and Jack!) and Wrigley was running around the block. Apparently Wrigley was bored with reading my blog so he decided to go for a jog! Since no kids are home right now and I can barely walk, I went to the kitchen to call Luke and tell him to come home from Stephen B's and get the dog. I no sooner hang up when I see something outside the back door. It was Wrigley, waiting to be let in, he came home by himself! Maybe he is actually maturing!

Back to my post. Last weekend Mike did a ton of laundry which was absolutely wonderful. He worked really hard on the laundry and also did a lot of yard work which was impressive and I was very grateful for. He washed clothes that we haven't even seen in years and a lot of stuff that doesn't even fit anyone anymore. He must have really dug down deep in the laundry baskets, a task that I admit I never do. However, none of the Invalid's (that would be me!) laundry got done, so said Invalid had nothing clean to wear this week. Fortunately, Luke agreed to do the Invalid's laundry yesterday so at least I didn't smell bad at physical therapy today!

Lastly, for today anyway, kids with ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Fetal Alcohol Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, etc., CANNOT remember to close the pantry or turn out lights. They just CAN'T do it! They don't do it on purpose to annoy the hell out of their parents. Their brains are incapable of remembering to do that everytime. They might remember once in a while, but they CANNOT remember things like that on a consistent basis. Freaking out every time it happens only frustrates the person who freaks out, it doesn't help the disabled children remember!

I'm done for now, wish me luck!


Denise said...

Good luck.

May I copy the last paragraph and post it on my blog in hopes that a certain someone will read it??? ;)

Mom of 7 said...

Sure, but if it works better for you than me, I will be mad.