Monday, September 1, 2008

Hectic Day

Even though we planned ahead and have had all the school supplies for a few weeks, today was still a hectic day. Shauna went to her friend, Cierra's house, so Cierra's sister, Raven could braid her hair. That meant I had to comb it out, wash it, condition it, comb again with conditioner still in, and then rinse, comb again, blow dry, and comb one last time. That was fun. Her hair looks beautiful, but she has a headache from the braiding. I keep telling her to tell Raven if it hurts and she won't braid it quite so tightly, but she won't tell her. She took some ibuprofen and I'm sure the headache will be gone in the morning. She also has a stomach ache, but that is probably just nervousness about school tomorrow. She has a hard time with transitions.

Tonight I braided Hannah's hair, as she had decided that she wanted the front part french braided and then the back part loose so she could pull it into a pony. She sat pretty still for a change, so it didn't take as long as I had anticipated. Now I just hope she doesn't change her mind about the style in the morning, like she usually does! She just came down dressed in the clothes she had picked out for tomorrow, ugh. She usually insists on sleeping in her clothes for the next day, which drives me crazy.

Luke is being a disrespectful brat today, which isn't like him at all. He starts driver's ed tomorrow and has to bring his permit on the first day or he has to drop the class. He has already failed the test twice and only has one chance to pass it or he will have to pay extra for extra classes. The only reason he didn't pass the first two times was because he didn't study properly. He isn't interested in studying now. We talked to the driver's ed teacher last week at open house and he gave Luke permission to skip class tomorrow and go take the permit test again. I have my doubts about whether he will pass it this time because he refuses to study. I think I'm going to have to take his computer and PSP away since that is all he cares about. He is buying himself a car this week and yet he can't understand why it is important to study for the driving test. At this rate, Mike is going to have to clean out the whole garage to fit Luke's car in there, too!!!!

Tomorrow should be interesting! Getting Hannah out of the house by 7:30 is going to be the biggest obstacle. Last year she refused to get out of bed until 5-10 minutes before the bus was coming. I'm hoping that since she is in middle school this year and feels the pressure of dressing nicely and looking neat and clean, she will make a better effort this year. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

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