Sunday, August 31, 2008

Yay, we can have iced coffee (at some point)

First I should say that our good friend, known as Denise's Hubby, got several of us hooked on iced coffee and coffee granitas when he came to visit a couple of years ago. He introduced me to Mountain Mud, which was a tiny coffee shop in a parking lot. By tiny, I mean the size of those old Fotomat huts. Anyway, I fell in love with their flavored coffee granitas. The mint chocolate and cherry chocolate were awesome! Unfortunately for me, I could only afford to splurge on them about once every two months or so. Then even more unfortunately for me, they went out of business. I was so upset, one day while I was out with Alex only, I pulled into the parking lot to have a small memorial service while staring at the discolored square of parking lot, where the Mountain Med hut used to be. I suppose it was more of a "whine session" by me than a memorial. I whined about the loss of my delicious granitas and Alex tried to slink down in his seat in case any of his friends should see him attending the Mountain Mud Memorial.

Jack went and picked up a Mr. Coffee coffee maker from a freecyler today. He brought it home and into my bedroom to show me. This is one of those things that is only amusing to those who were there at the time, but since the main purpose of my blog is for me to have a written account of things, as my memory sucks, I'm including this conversation:

Me: That is much nicer than the $5 coffee makers we have had in the past that only last a month.

Jack: Why did you get a coffee maker, when none of us like coffee?

Me: Some of us like iced coffee. Of course, we don't have any coffee.

Jack aka Mr. Sarcasm: This is going to come in real handy then.


Denise said...

Mountain Mud is GONE???? I feel like crying! Wait 'til I tell Nick...

I don't suppose I should tell you that we had these decadent iced coffees tonight. :) Nick found these bottles of Godiva Belgium Blends Dark Chocolate Mocha Coffee. They're really good on their own, but tonight he put them in the blender and turned them into thick, coffee milkshakes. I don't know what he added, but they were SO good!

He'll make you one if you come up! :)

Mom of 7 said...

Tell Nick to get the VitaMix ready, I'm on my way!! You know how I LOVE Nick's frozen concoctions.