Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Earning money

Alex and Hannah are obsessed with buying new clothes for school. Hannah is going to middle school this year and is checking with Alex, who will be in his last year of middle school this year, which of her clothes are appropriate for middle school. She keeps telling him that she doesn't want people looking at her and saying "Oh, that is so elementary school". She wouldn't even pick out a backpack without Alex's approval.

Yesterday, they came to me with a question of how they could earn some extra money to buy school clothes. I didn't really have any ideas for them, but when Gramma brought me home from physical therapy yesterday, they were on the front balcony and asked her if she had any work she would like them to do. I told her they were trying to earn extra money for clothes and she said they could come help her clean today. She is having company in a couple of weeks, so she has plenty for them to do. She picked them up about 2:30 today and plans to have them scrub her baseboards and kitchen cabinets. I think they will do a good job. Of course, at home they would spend 2 minutes, do a half-assed job and whine and cry when I told them it wasn't good enough!

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