Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Some light at the end of the tunnel

I've been in too much pain to blog lately, but I think I'm finally starting to heal. I went for my first physical therapy appointment today and it went great. I was terrified that I would have to do a bunch of really painful exercises, but that didn't happen at all. The girl who took care of me was very nice and gentle. She took a bunch of measurements for swelling and gave me some ultrasound therapy on the muscles and then finished with a massage, which surprisingly didn't hurt at all. The muscles feel a little sore right now, but I guess that is to be expected. I am looking forward to going again on Friday.

I am having no luck in getting the doctor to call me back to renew my muscle relaxers and pain medication. He didn't call at all yesterday and so I called again today and still no response. I guess my pain isn't as much of a concern for him as it is for me! I'm a little worried about how tonight will go, since I only have two vicodin left to take for pain. I hope I'm able to sleep.

Before my therapy session, I was really nervous and I cried when Mike called to wish me good luck. He was very supportive, which helped me a lot. My mom drove me to the YMCA for therapy and the car ride was pretty painful, but she suggested I recline the seat, which helped a lot.

Alex, Hannah and Shauna went to the outer banks with Tricia and Tim and their kids. They are having a great time and I wish I could have gone with them. I am so glad, though, they are out of the house and having fun. Having to stay in bed all day would be a lot worse if I knew they were having to fend for themselves. I really miss them, though, and am anxious to see them tomorrow.

Jack, Drew, Steven and Luke have been a huge help to me. Jack took the lead in cleaning the house, without being asked and assigned everyone chores (Steven hasn't done his share yet, not surprising). Drew volunteered to work for me on Tuesday. Luke has been helping Jack the most with the cleaning and they are all taking turns refilling my water bottle and bringing me food. Steven even shaved my legs before my therapy appointment!!! I think that almost makes up for the fact that he went to his friend's house without putting the clean laundry away. He told me he would make Steakums for dinner, but then he told me he wouldn't be home until 11, so I guess he won't be doing that.

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