Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hamstring progress

My leg now barely hurts as long as I stay off it. As soon as I start walking around too much, the pain is back. The good part is that the pain goes away again as soon as I stop walking. I even managed to make two homemade pizzas tonight, before the pain was so intense, even after pain meds, that I had to sit down. Of course, I had a ton of help from Alex and a little from Shauna or I never would have been able to do that. I had to have Jack get the pizzas out of the oven and cut them because I was in too much pain.

The other good news is that the PT noticed, as did I, that the hamstring muscles aren't tightening up anywhere nearly as badly as they were, even last Friday. That is good progress. My doctor ordered a wheelchair for me, which is getting delivered tomorrow, so I can go to the kid's open houses this week. I am going to be embarrassed using the wheelchair, but apparently Alex and Hannah are going to be even more embarrassed. Both are threatening not to go to open house if they have to be seen with me. They think they are so smart, wait until they realize that not only am I going to be in a wheelchair, but I am going to wear my highly dreaded fannie pack as well!!!!

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