Sunday, August 31, 2008

Back to School Charts

I just spent about an hour and a half, preparing daily checklists for the four youngest kids. I'm hoping that this will make things easier in the mornings, since all of them have ADHD and tend to forget everything. I finally found some charts that you can edit online, rather than having to print them and write everything in. This way it was easy to customize them to each child without having to write the same information in over and over.

I even made one for Luke, who is going into junior year. He probably won't be happy with it and might not use it, but at least he has the option.

Now I just have to figure out where to hang them for easy access. I'm thinking the front door would be best, I'm just not sure how to attach them. I don't want them falling off every time someone slams the door, which is every time they close it. I'll have to think about that a little and "problem solve" like I always tell the kids!


jen said...

I put mine in sheet protectors and either hang them on the fridge with a strong magnet or put them on a cork board.
I would be in so much trouble without my checklists. Oh and I always have my own copy because some kids wont do something unless I tell them verbally.


Denise said...

I need the link! Ian ripped the last one I had off the wall and I just haven't gotten to it yet, but I need to make more before school starts. They're lost without them!

Mom of 7 said...

Here's the link:

They don't have a ton of charts, but I really like the daily checklist. It's easy to customize. You have to sign up for the free basic account to save it.