Sunday, August 17, 2008

My Wonderful Helpers

Since I have been bedridden, the family has really stepped up to help out, without complaining! Mike and Jack and Luke have taken over my share of the housework and they have taken on the task of making sure the kids follow through with their daily chores. They have also had to do all the cooking. Granted, cooking for them is heating chicken nuggets, frozen pizzas, etc. But, Mike made burgers on the grill tonight. Still, they are keeping everyone fed.

The younger kids have been fantastic in their behavior (with a small exception of Hannah, who had one or two semi-bad days after vacationing with Tricia and Tim, where she didn't take all of her meds every day) and they have been pitching in to bring me food, drinks, etc. I love it when they come in and sit on my bed and talk. Steven has also been very good about helping me, when he is here. Same with Drew, although he is rarely here.

My mom has been taking me to all of my physical therapy sessions, which I really appreciate since I can't sit up to drive. She reclines the seat for me and I elevate my left foot on my purse, which makes the ride bearable, since there isn't much pressure on the back of my thigh.

Tricia and Tim took the kids to the Outer Banks, as I said before, which gave me four days of not having to worry about them. I wish I could have gone, too, since I was invited, but it would just have been too painful to even consider.

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