Saturday, August 30, 2008

WEIRD stuff happening this weekend!

In addition to Hannah offering and actually following through with cleaning the powder room, she then pitched in to clean up the kitchen and family room.

I was actually able to scrub out the kitchen sink today, make my own lunch, and sit long enough to sort out the mail and flyers from the last month.

The weirdest thing of all is that there is a car in our garage! We moved into this house exactly 8 years ago this week and there has never been room for a car in our garage. Mike worked his butt off this weekend and did a great job. Steven and Luke helped a little, but Mike did the vast majority of work, I'm sure. There is still a ton of stuff out there that needs to be gone through, but this is a huge step forward. We freecycled more than a dozen bikes and toddler toys and threw out quite a bit of items that were junk.

Mike also fixed several bikes so that each kid has a working one now. Steven still needs to get some back brakes for his since he has been riding it without brakes for some time now. I've told him how dangerous that is, but as usual, anything I say to him falls on deaf ears.

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Denise said...

We've only been here for six years, so does that mean that I have to wait for another two years before Nick cleans out our garage??? I can't imagine a car ever fitting in it!

I want to see pics of yours!!