Saturday, September 6, 2008

Tropical Storm Hanna Fizzles

The tropical storm never made it to a hurricane and by the time it got to us, it had pretty much fizzled out. Not that I'm complaining, but now we have a ton of bottled water to drink! We were prepared for a storm that would be at least as bad, if not worse than Hurricane Isabel that hit us 5 years ago and did significant damage in our town.

Preparing for Hanna was a lot of work. For some reason, Mike decided that he wasn't going to help secure the house and yard, so Jack and Luke stepped in and completely cleared the back deck and back yard, and the front porch. They brought the patio table, umbrella and two bbq grills and a bunch of other stuff into the sunroom. Alex cleared his whole upstairs porch, with a little help from Shauna. Jack and Luke also secured the garbage cans and brought the generator up to the porch. I'm not sure why Mike didn't think it was worth the effort to make sure his family was safe. This storm could have easily produced much higher winds than it did, so we were very lucky.

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Denise said...

Glad to hear you're okay! I sat by the phone all day yesterday, waiting for your call. LOL

Nick said that you'll never have to worry about supplies after a hurricane, living so close to a Super Wal-mart. (I told him I'd be sure to pass that little comment along!)

We just got lots of rain and some wind. There was a tornado watch last night and the kids were all freaked out about that.

Have fun drinking your water! :)