Friday, November 7, 2008

Bra shopping is the worst ever!

UGH! I hate shopping for bras. I am down to one and it doesn't even fit well. Today my mom dragged me out to look for more. I must have tried on 50 bras (NOT an exaggeration!) at 3 different stores. Not one fit right. I am so discouraged. I knew that would happen, that is why she had to drag me. Who the heck designs these things? Now what do I do???? I'm thinking of buying the most comfortable one and taking it to a surgeon and telling him to make my boobs fit the bra!

On the bright side, we found lots of good clearance items and I got 4 nice shirts for less than $35, including tax. Actually I got them for free since my mom insisted on paying for them! The original price on them was $175. They are a little fancier than I usual get at Walmart, but not super dressy, either. Hannah and Alex will be happy that I now have something presentable to wear to school events!!

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Denise said...

I can't wait to hear what the surgeon says!!! LOLOLOLOL!

I hate bras, too. I actually found some that fit. They don't do what they're supposed to do (in other words, the girls still bounce off my thighs when I walk), but they're comfortable. So, I went to buy more, and the store doesn't carry them anymore! NOW what do I do???