Sunday, November 16, 2008

Here comes the pain again

I'm having a hard time focusing and getting anything accomplished this week. Ever since I sat for 8 hours to do Shauna's hair last weekend, my hamstring has been hurting a little more each day. Today it is really starting to feel like it was when I ended up bedridden. I am terrified of having to go through that again.

I really don't understand why the pain is coming back. The muscle seemed to be almost completely healed and the pain has been minimal or even nonexistent on some days. I have been doing the exercises and being very careful with my leg. I know I didn't do anything to hurt it, other than sitting to do Shauna's hair. I'm really discouraged and scared.

On top of that, my doctor got a promotion and will not be seeing patients anymore. He has a replacement and I trust that he chose him very wisely, but I would much prefer to see my own doctor about this, especially since he is the one I saw originally. I'm going to have to call and make an appointment tomorrow, even though I hate going to doctors.

I'm also worried because I know he is going to make me start going to physical therapy again and I just can't afford it. We are going to be paying off the bills for the PT I have gotten already for quite some time. I will have to go, though, as that was the only thing that helped last time. I guess I will have to call tomorrow for a PT appointment, too, and just hope that I can work the money part out.


d&p said...

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Anonymous said...

Ooh - I feel for you! When I was a kid, I broke my tailbone and so when I sit for extended periods of time, my butt goes to sleep and my left leg swells up and aches.

One of hte best things I ever did was take up Tai Chi. I won't go to a class, but I have a couple of tapes that I can do at home. David Carradine's Tai Chi video is great for the stretches that you do to warm up, if you can stand the corny music (my husband calls it porn music!), but forget the Tai Chi part - it's aweful. But if you can find the "short form" on video it might be worth trying out. It puts your body back in line - I'm not one for Eastern Philosophy, but they had something when they came up with Tai Chi!

Good luck!