Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Hannah Michelle Danielle Latoya!

I didn't get a chance to post yesterday because I had to take the van to Newport News to get the new tv and then Shauna had a Veteran's Day Program at school. Yesterday was also Hannah Michelle Danielle Latoya's 12th birthday!!! Happy Birthday, Hannah Banana!

Hannah was beyond thrilled with her presents. She is very into fashion, unlike her mother, whose friend has threatened numerous times to get her on "What Not to Wear"! Now that she is in middle school, fashion has become even more important to her. It is hard to dress your kids in what they consider fashionable clothing on an extremely tight budget. Especially when those kids (Hannah and Alex) are obsessed with wearing name brands whenever possible. Like their mother, however, they also love a good bargain and never pay full price for anything, YAY!

CUP (happy, Denise?!?!?) and I went to the PacSun outlet store. I was able to purchase a pair of skinny jeans (apparently a middle school must-have!), 4 shirts (2 are being put away for Christmas), and an appliqued hoody. The jeans were $25, marked down from $45, three of the shirts were $2.99, marked down from $15, one shirt was $3.99, marked down from $17 and the hoody was $25, marked down from $45. Those were the markdowns off the outlet store price, I can't even begin to imagine what they cost at the regular store. I still think that is way too much to spend on clothing, but Hannah was so incredibly happy, so it was worth it. She was surprised that I had such good taste and picked out everything that she loved. I was surprised, too!!! I did make a mistake on the original pair of jeans that I bought. I got the right size (size 00, a size I don't think I EVER wore!), but I got boot cut. We went back to the store after Shauna's performance to get the right ones. The skinny ones were $5 more, so I made her kick in the $5 because I had already gone over the birthday budget of $40 per kid.

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Denise said...

Happy Birthday, Hannah!!!! Sorry I'm late, as usual. I refuse to believe that you're 12. Hey, that means that you can babysit Ian and Jadyn now! When are you coming over???