Saturday, November 29, 2008

I'm Back!

I have been receiving complaints about my lack of posting lately. I guess I've just been busy and haven't felt much like posting. I still don't, but I will force myself!

Things have been going pretty smoothly around here. Mike has been home for the week, which has been very helpful. He has been working on my huge backlog of dirty dishes. Somehow, I seem to make them much faster than he can wash them!

My birthday was last Tuesday, the 25th. It was a very nice, relaxing day. I had to take Luke for his flu shot, first thing in the morning. We went to the library after and hit the used book sale. Luke hates to read, so he wasn't thrilled with the pit stop, but it kept him out of school longer, so it wasn't too bad. He was very helpful in carrying my $14 worth of books to the check out! I LOVE our libraries because the paperbacks are only .50 and the hardcovers are only $1. I can almost always find a ton of good ones and many are 2007 or 2008 books, not a bunch of old, yellowed junk.

After the library, I dropped Luke at school and then went to WISC to help my friend, Mike, pick up the last of the roller skates for his school. It was really weird to be there again, with the rink gone. It also felt really weird to be walking out of there for probably the last time, on my birthday.

Mike and I went out to lunch, which is a big treat for us. We went to a great Italian place and the total was only $14 for the two of us. The food was delicious, too. Then we headed off the the in-town library branch, where I spent another $8 for books. I now have a stash that should last me for a little while at least! I told Mike that is all I wanted for my birthday, the books and the lunch, but he also surprised me with an electric throw. It is really cozy and all the kids are jealous! I might have to put an alarm on it because I'm pretty sure it will disappear soon.

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