Saturday, November 29, 2008

Out with the old, in with the almost new

I have had it with my couches and decided it is time for a family room make over. We have had this sectional for 8 years now and it is in horrible condition. It is covered with rips from the cats scratching on it and the recliner part has been broken for a long time. The whole thing is falling apart and looks terrible. We cannot afford a new one, so I decided to get some slip covers (even though I hate slip covers!) for a couch and loveseat that I have, but haven't really been using. I waited for several months until I found the slip covers on a really good sale.

I was not prepared for all the opposition I would get on this decision. Almost every single kid was in an uproar because I was getting rid of the green couches. Here are some of the things I heard, "But that couch is my life!", "You can't get rid of it, I sleep there.", "But I love those couches.", "Why do we have to get rid of them, they're fine."

Here are the pictures, THIS is the couch they were crying and complaining about, you be the judge:

One of the cat scratched areas

A nice close up of the rips and stains

Here is the old blue couch in the process of getting it's new look. This one is stained, but still in good condition. The material just didn't stand up to our family!

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