Friday, November 21, 2008

Two hours at the doctor

I took Alex and Shauna for their 6 month ADHD checks this morning. They also needed a bunch of shots. I made the appointment for 8:30, figuring I could get them in and out fairly quickly and they wouldn't miss much school. I hate going later in the day because the pediatrician's office gets backed up so much. No such luck today.

We got in pretty quickly and settled into the room. The doctor came in only a few minutes later and spent quite a bit of time with us, like she always does. She left and we had to wait a half hour before a nurse was freed up to give the shots. Shauna got a DTAP, Varicella (chicken pox vaccine) and a flu mist. Alex got Meningitis vaccine, varicella (I have no clue if I'm spelling that right, but it is something like that) and a flu shot. He couldn't have the mist because he gets frequent, severe nose bleeds. Everything went fine, Shauna was hardly even nervous, which is unusual for her. Alex kept her entertained and laughing most of the time. Then we started to leave the exam room and all hell broke loose!

I turned and took one step towards the door when I heard a huge crash behind me. I turned around and saw Alex crumpled on the floor, eyes rolled back in his head, arms and legs tensing and releasing. I thought he was having a seizure from one of the shots. The nurse was long gone, so I went out into the hall and yelled, "Help, my son is having a seizure or something." There was a dad standing in the hall, rocking a baby, who looked at me kind of funny, but who cares? I couldn't see any medical personnel in the hall, although there were several other parents with toddlers milling about.

The nurse must have heard me because she came running in and tried to wake Alex up. He was out for about 45 seconds and then started to come around slowly. He was terrified when he woke up because he had no idea what had happened. After the nurse got him to wake up, she put a coat under his head and ran to get the doctor out of another exam room. They determined that it wasn't a seizure, that he had just passed out. It took him forever to feel better, though, and they had to keep putting ice on him and having him try sitting up slowly, etc. Another nurse came in and sort of took over (I think the original nurse was new because the other nurse kept telling her what to do). His skin was a gross greenish/gray color and it took a really long time for the color to come back. We ended up being there for about another half hour, until Alex was well enough to walk out of the office. I'm so glad it happened in the office and not after we left.

He is feeling better now, but I decided to keep him home from school because he hit his head so hard on the office floor. He says the pain from the bump is getting better now, too. Now maybe he will believe me when I tell him he HAS to each breakfast.

He is feeling much better.


Torina said...

Scary. I hope he is okay!!

Anonymous said...

You stupid cow! This innocent child had a vaccine reaction, and you are stupid enough to brush it off like no big deal. Are you that daft?

I suggest you Goggle Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, NVIC, as well as so that you can get a huge dose of reality going on your end.

Thanks to your stupidity and the actions of the Drs your children especially the one who had a vaccine reaction might have been damaged for life, If you think for one second that your child is even remotely OK after what happened you are a flaming fool!

I am so glad I live no where near your little snot mongers because you may not know this but people who get the flu mist are contagious to others! How nice for all of us who work with the public!

FYI, if your little darling who got the flu shot gets ill in the next week or month there is a very good chance he is having "flu" symtoms from aluminum, formaldehyde, or depending on the version of the shot mercury.

Mom of 7 said...

Thank you, Torina. Alex is perfectly fine now and is off performing in his play tonight.

Mom of 7 said...

WOW! I can see why you posted that nasty comment as Anonymous. I would be ashamed to leave my name on a comment like that, also.

I don't think I'm the one who needs to do a little research. Passing out is a very common reaction to shots and blood draws. It was NOT a reaction to the actual shot, just a combination of him not having had breakfast yet and seeing the needles go in.

Also, the flu mist is, indeed, a live vaccine, but is NOT in any way contagious to anyone. It cannot live at body temperature and dies immediately after being breathed in.

Please don't bother to comment on my blog again, it will just be deleted.

jen said...

How can a person truly learn anything from someone who talks that rudely? Michelle, you can block anonymous comments. They are usually rude and careless. I think that if they don't have the decency to put their name then they should not have the right to comment.

Mom of 7 said...

Thanks, Jen. You're right, I should and will block anonymous comments.

I really don't mind people who leave comments when they don't agree with something, as long as they aren't rude about it.

creative gal said...

WOW! Totally agree with all on how rude that person is. Such a shame. Your response back was perfect. :o) Well spoken. Hope you are doing well.

Anonymous said...

Too bad that "delete" button doesn't work on the people behind comments like that one, anonymous! People with manners like that should never be allowed to speak.

So, Mom - glad everythings okay now. That's not the way any of us would choose to spend our morning. Tell Alex we hope he feels better!

Anon commentor said...

We want more articles!!

Anon commentor said...

Well???? where are more posts???