Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Pictures on Hold

It seems that a certain middle school son went to a party last night and took his brother's camera and left it there. He can't get in touch with the girl who had the party, so I am worried that the camera might have been stolen. He does not have the money to replace the camera and no money prospects in sight. My Halloween pictures are on that camera. Ugh. He claims he thought he asked me and I said yes. Hmmm, no way. I would never, ever have given him permission to take any camera, let alone his brother's camera to a party. Never.

If you see pictures any Halloween pictures posted, you will know we got the camera back. If you read another angry post from me, you will know that we did not get the camera back!


Denise said...

Yikes! Hope you get the camera back!!!!

Hey, we were talking last night as we were at the gas station and noticing how the prices have come down. Nick asked just how low they have to go before you guy come visit!

Mom of 7 said...

We were thinking the same thing. I have the kids turning off lights to save enough money for a trip to PA! Tell Nick that with our budget these days, it might have to be free before we have enough saved up!!!