Monday, November 10, 2008

Lost an old friend

The kitchen jinx is now migrating to other rooms. My beloved television bit the dust today. It has been a good friend for about 10 years. (I'm sure Anonymous will leave a comment with the exact age!) It just stopped working right in the middle of Jon and Kate Plus 8. Lucky for me, Jack thought ahead and brought his extra tv home from Chicago. One of his friends wanted to buy it from him, but he knew that mine would be giving out soon and I would need it. Thank goodness he is so smart!

I wonder how long the old tv will sit in the family room before someone carries it out to the curb on garbage day? I'm thinking of getting into a competition with my friend Nick, to see which goes first, my tv or his blue painter's tape!!!!!!!

1 comment:

Denise said...

No way! What on earth is going on in your house???

Personally, I would have lost it if it went out during Jon and Kate, especially tonight (but only because I thought the wedding was tonight!).

My bet's on the TV being gone before the painter's tape. Did I tell you that I flipped out one day and started ripping off the tape?? Nick seriously got mad at me!!! There's one whole wall where it won't come off. It has, over time, become one with the wall. How deep is that? I picked at it a little bit so it's all raggedy looking. Adds to the charm of the room...

Good thing Jack brought his TV. Hmm, haven't heard about JACK much recently. Why is that?