Sunday, November 30, 2008

In law visit

We went to Richmond today to visit with Mike's sister and her family. We haven't seen them in about two and a half years, I think. Mike's mom died in August of 2005 and I think we saw them a few months after that and they may have come over here once more, I'm thinking spring of 2006 or so. Mike has never been close to any of his sisters, although we usually have fun with them when we are together.

The younger kids had fun with their two cousins, Cathy and Chas. Roni invited them for a sleepover during Christmas break, so that should be fun for them.

I made a point of putting my camera in my purse last night so I wouldn't forget it today. Well, I didn't forget it, but I did forget I had it and, therefore, have no pictures. I hope I remember to take some when we see them at Christmas time.

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