Saturday, November 8, 2008

My son, the star

Performances for Father of the Bride started this week. Alex was excited because on opening night he got a lot of laughs. When he went out into the lobby after the play, he was surrounded by people who wanted to shake his hand and tell him what a good job he did. It is always nice to get good feedback.

Today there was a review of the show in our local paper. The review was good and discussed all or most of the actors by name, mostly mentioning what part they played. Only two of the actors were singled out and complimented. One of them was Alex! Since he is the youngest person with a lead role, he was thrilled. Here is what was said, not the whole article, but the good parts, lol!:

"There are some great supporting performances in this ensemble, most notably Kathleen W. as Miss Bellamy. She nailed the role as Mr. Banks secretary, and really took off with a funny characterization.

Same for youngster, Alex S. as Tommy Banks. The playwright gave the character some great lines and a peppery attitude and the B. Middle School student played it well."

None of us have seen the play yet, but I can't wait to get to a performance. Since it is a community theater, it is pretty expensive and they only give each actor two free tickets, hardly enough for all of us!

On a funny note, I asked where the article was because Drew wanted to read it and Jack said it was on the fridge. Then he started talking about how at least it was an appropriate thing to put on the fridge, not like when Steven was in the newspaper's police blotter (twice!) and he cut them out and hung them on the fridge!!! Parents and siblings of substance abusers really need to have a great sense of humor to survive!