Saturday, October 25, 2008

Adorable pictures, thanks to an ax murderer!

Denise posted some really cute pictures of Steven (11), Luke (9), Alex (6), Hannah (4), Shauna (3) and her kids, Nate (3) and JJ (1--this was on his first birthday, if I remember correctly.). This was June of 2001.

I promised in one of my posts, months ago, to tell the story of my wonderful ax murderer friend, Denise. Well, better late than never, as they say. As you will see if you follow the link to the pictures, Denise writes about how I started the transracial adoption group on 1998 and she was one of the first members to join. We got to be great internet friends, but hadn't yet met in person. Denise and Nick were coming to Williamsburg to spend a week at a timeshare that is only minutes from our house (would actually be within walking distance, if I wasn't so lazy!). I got their phone number and Denise told me to call her. Well, there were two problems, one I'm really shy about meeting new people, even if I already "know" them. Secondly, Mike was discouraging it because he was worried they might actually be ax murderers. I was pretty sure they were normal people, but with all of the horror stories about meeting people on the internet, I was slightly concerned. Truth be known, I was actually more concerned that I would meet them, not like them and be "stuck" with them for a whole week! So I put off calling them until right before they were leaving. They came over and we had a fabulous time. We loved them! What a relief and what a disappointment, since they were leaving the next day.

Over the past 7 years, we have now gotten together many times and gone on vacation together many times. We always have a great time together. Our kids get along really well, which helps make it much more relaxing. My kids argue with each other much more than they argue with Denise's kids! When they adopted GracieGirl, Hannah asked me if it was okay if she told the kids at school that she had a new baby cousin. She said, "I don't want to lie to my class, but I really think they ARE my cousins!." I think they are, too, since I sometimes think that Denise and I were twins, separated at birth!

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Denise said...

Oh, good; I'm glad you posted ages because I wasn't sure. I also didn't want to risk posting anyone's names and possibly violating any constitutional rights. All I knew is that it was JJ's first birthday.

The only thing that isn't exactly correct is that you didn't wait to invite us over until the day *before* we left; you waited until the actual day we were leaving!!! We drove home from your house! LOL