Saturday, October 25, 2008

CUP's new blog

Everyone has been bugging CUP to start his own blog. I wanted him to start one so he would stop telling me what I should blog about and so he would stop making fun of me for blogging. His friends wanted him to start one so he could bitch about blogging. (If you know CUP, you know he does a LOT of bitching!!!) He finally listened. I cannot, however, link his blog on mine because he only has two posts on it and it already looks inappropriate!

If you are not easily offended and really want to read CUP's blog, let me know and I will send the link, with his permission, of course. I wouldn't want to violate any more of his Constitutional Rights!!!!

1 comment:

Anadoption said...

I have to say, this CUP fellow sounds a whole lot like "The Viking" in my family. I do meet the family posts with my siblings on Pure Mommy Extract...his name is "The Viking".

Those posts made me laugh.