Monday, October 6, 2008

Black cat on the roof

Last night when Alex came in after a trip to Busch Gardens with his friends, he told me that one of the cats was on the roof. This same cat has been on the roof several times in the last 5 months or so. Right before I hurt my leg, Luke and I were coming home from somewhere and we pull up and see Aurora just straight chillin' on the highest peak of the roof! Now, mind you, this is an indoor cat.

So I told Alex to go out onto the second story porch and see if he could get the cat in. He went out there and heard her meowing, but since she is pitch black and it was dark out, he couldn't see her. It kind of reminded me of the time that the kids said Shauna totally disappeared in one of the tube rides at Water Country, but that is another story! I told him not to worry about it, she would find a way in when she was ready.

A little while later, Jack came downstairs to tell us that "Little Black", as he and Mike call her since they can't ever remember the cat's names, is on the sun room roof. He tried to let her in his window, but he couldn't get his screen out. I told them to go into the girl's room and open the window with no screen. I figured the cat could probably jump over to the small roof that is outside their window and she did and came in.

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