Friday, October 24, 2008

Luke and CUP make fun of my blogging

I just sat through this conversation, I actually typed it out while they were talking:

Luke (commenting to me, about my blogging "addiction"): "Your blogging is like Steven's drugs."

CUP (To Luke, about me): "No because it doesn't make HER dumber, that's the difference, but it probably makes her readers dumber. (They both laugh) "Mom is probably blogging about us bitching about her blog in her blog that we are bitching about her blogging."

That conversation occurred when CUP and Luke were making fun of my blogging. I reminded CUP that he once made fun of the fact that I was starting a transracial adoption group on Yahoo, in 1998. He told me, at that time, that no one would be interested in my group and no one would join. He was wrong and my group actually resulted in several friendships and at least one adoption. I reminded them that they should stop their nay saying because without my group, we wouldn't be able to hear any of the wonderful JJisms that we now enjoy so much!

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Denise said...

Yeah, I was going to say the same thing because I distinctly remember a certain CUP giving you a hard time about the group. And now CUP is still giving you a hard time??? I'm a (former axe murderer) friend and I have a son because of that group! So there, CUP!

Of course, I'm just thankful that I only adopted ONE kid through the group! We were going through old pics again (I know, I know...I haven't posted them yet!), and we came across the picture at your house that first time when CUP and the other boys were pounding each other and jumping all over each other. That's the time that Nick said, "Remember when I said I wanted 10 kids? I just changed my mind!" LOLOLOL

So...the moral of this story is...well, there isn't one because I'm not that together. But CUP, you and Luke are to be NICE to your mother!!!