Thursday, October 16, 2008

Steven's injury update

I haven't had much chance to blog lately. Steven is recovering from his bike accident injuries. YES, he did play hockey on Tuesday night. Two games, in fact. At the beginning of the first game, he was playing very carefully and Luke even pointed out that he was only using his right hand to shoot. He is a lefty in hockey, so that probably wasn't too helpful. Actually, even hurt, he manages to play really well. After a few minutes, though, he was back to playing like his normal self. He even got two penalties, so you know he was playing normally!!! He said the adrenaline kicked in and he couldn't feel the pain anymore. Gosh, where was adrenaline when my hamstring was so painful????

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Denise said...

Yeah, I'd take a little bit of that adrenaline right now.

I can't believe he played. Well, yeah, I really can. He's crazy, though.

I was just going through pictures and found ones from the first time we met. (Remember, when you thought I was an axe murderer and wouldn't let us visit until 10 minutes before we were leaving town??) Steven was so cute! They all were, really.

Nick said that you haven't changed in 10 years. He didn't say the same about me, so I guess that means that I've REALLY aged! LOL