Sunday, October 19, 2008

X-Rated Post--You may not want to read this!

Ugh! As a little girl, growing up with no living brothers, I still have trouble understanding boys sometimes. Drew is going to a Halloween party. Apparently his costume includes a fake penis (don't ask why, you don't want to know!). This fake penis arrived yesterday, while Drew was still out of town, so Jack, Steven, Mike and Luke have been having a "ball" with it today. (Excuse the terrible pun, but when you live with so many guys for so long, it rubs off, but only a little!)

Unfortunately for me, they decided to bring the thing downstairs after the girls went to bed. Mike tossed it to me as he was coming down the stairs and my automatic reaction was to scream and shove it away from me. I can hear Mike saying, "What's new?", as he reads this!

Then Jack, Mike and Steven proceeded to discuss all the cool things they could do with this awesome penis (which is VERY life-like, by the way). One idea was to put a suction cup on it and display it on the car window and that was probably the only one I can actually blog about!

I originally told them I wasn't going to blog about this disgusting incident, but then I realized that I need to save this so that when I am a really old lady, I can remember the truth about how my life used to be!

Don't panic, I will NOT be including pictures with this post!!!!!


Weston Elliott said...

Guys are just disgusting by nature, aren't they? LOL!

Mom of 7 said...

YES, they sure are. Thank goodness woman are perfect!!! LOL

Denise said...