Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Final hockey good-bye

CUP tells me that I blogged too much about my last day of work, so in order to spite him, I'm blogging about it once again! If I didn't annoy my kids as much as possible, what kind of mother would I be?????

Luke and I went to the rink tonight, to sort and find new homes for all the hockey equipment. One of the adult hockey players is a PE teacher in a very rural, low income area, so we donated most of our stuff to him. He introduced the kids in his school to floor hockey and they loved it. Now they will have some additional equipment and skates. I feel really good that our stuff is going to be well loved and not just sitting in storage somewhere.

Luke was a huge help tonight. He worked so hard to get all the stuff hauled out to the cars and trailer. Luke and I worked for 3 hours and we were pretty tired out when it was time to leave.

This is all that is left of my scorebooth. Waaaah!

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