Friday, October 3, 2008

No fires, no rages, no lizards

Jeez, I'm not sure what to post. We haven't had anything interesting happen in the last two days!

Hannah went to her first middle school dance and had a good time. Of course, Alex went, too, but he is in eighth grade and goes to every dance that he can. I was a little worried about Hannah going, since her judgment isn't always the greatest, but I felt a little better since Alex was there. Not that his judgment is always great, but he is pretty sensible most of the time!

The middle school counselor met with Hannah yesterday and talked to her about the Rebecca problem. Hannah wouldn't talk about it (to me anyway, she probably told Alex everything!). Today she said that she and Rebecca met with the counselor and talked things over. Now Rebecca wants to be her friend. Rebecca told Hannah that she isn't racist. Hmmm, call me skeptical, but I'm not too sure how long this will last. From what I've heard about Rebecca, I think it will take a little more than one talk with a counselor for her to change.

I took Hannah to her psychologist yesterday. I went in first and told him what has been happening the past few weeks and then I left and Hannah went in for the other half of the appointment. I LOVE this counselor, even if he can't help the kids, he always helps me! I think we've been going to him for about 4 years now. I didn't ask Hannah how things went and she didn't offer anything. I asked him to work on the Rebecca thing and helping Hannah to handle it and I also want him to work on anger management and temper control with her.

I can't remember if I blogged about it or not, but Hannah went to her psychiatrist the day before yesterday (her psych and psychologist are in the same practice, so they both know Hannah and they work together to help her, which is great). Her psychiatrist increased one of her meds to try to help her keep her rages under control.

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creative gal said...

I will be in prayer for Hannah. God is faithful!