Friday, October 31, 2008

Last Elementary School Halloween Parade

I went to my first elementary school parade 20 years ago, when was CUP in kindergarten. This year Shauna is in her last year of elementary school, so this was my last school Halloween parade. Well, it will be my last one until I have grandchildren (hint, hint).

This post was on hold until I got pictures transfered to the computer, here they are. The first video is Shauna marching and the second one is her principal on top of the roof. It is a pretty crappy video, but he surprises the kids each year with a really crazy costume. He has been a cheerleader, complete with hairy stomach hanging out over mini skirt, and a ballerina. I can't remember his other costumes over the past 9 years, but they have all been really funny. This year he was superman, which wasn't so great, but he hid on the roof while the kids paraded and then jumped up while they all stood at the end. I couldn't really see what he was doing, but the kids were all excited, so it must have been funny!

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