Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My last day of work

Tonight is the last time I will be working at WISC. I've worked there as a paid employee for the past 6 years and for 2 years before that, I worked as a volunteer. I am not happy, as I really like my job there. I still find it hard to believe that they canceled all the hockey programs and decided to sell the rink. Tonight will be really weird.


Denise said...

It doesn't make sense, especially since there's nothing else around.

Did the boys decide what they're going to do about hockey now?

Sorry it's your last night...

Mom of 7 said...

It doesn't make sense, especially when they could have taken a fraction of the money they are paying for the new baseball field and used it to promote the hockey program. In the long run, they would have come out way ahead and we would have a thriving program once again. Ugh, it is so frustrating.

I don't know what the boys are going to do about hockey. They are heartbroken that they won't be able to play anymore. There is an ice hockey program about a half hour away, but there is no way we could afford to pay for it. There is a roller hockey program an hour and 15 minutes away, but I don't care for the people that run the program (that is putting it mildly, some of them are really nasty people). The other problem is that part of my salary for running the hockey program and scorekeeping was that my kids all were allowed to play for free, now we would have to pay, no matter where they play.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that a solution will appear, but I'm not too hopeful. Last night someone offered to pay for my friend's son to play ice hockey for free, so now my boys are hoping for the same. Since we don't have any family with money, I'm afraid that isn't going to happen!