Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas Cookies

I started making Christmas cookies today. I made two batches of sugar cookies and two batches of vanilla refrigerator cookies today. I froze the dough so we could have fresh cookies when we are ready to make them. I've frozen cooked cookies before, but they don't taste quite the same.

In my ongoing effort to save money , I'm using margarine instead of butter this year. I prefer butter in baking, but since butter is $2.50 a pound and margarine is only .73 a pound, my choice has sort of been made for me! I even had several .50 off coupons for Blue Bonnet which helped even more. I was also able to get 4 pounds of sugar for .99 and 5 pounds of flour for .99. I'm going to be sending Mike and a few boys to the store for more before the sale ends, since only one per person is allowed. At those prices, each batch of cookies actually cost less than $1!

I love being able to pop some frozen dough out of the freezer and just bake it. It is so much less messy than pulling out all the individual ingredients. I'm working towards a stress-free Christmas this year, as I haven't had one of those since Jack and Drew were little!

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