Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Court can be amusing

Read the post underneath this one first!

While in court today, a couple came in and sat on the bench behind us. I could see them out of the corner of my eye and they were sitting close together and at one point, one of the bailiffs yelled at them and told the one woman to get her head off the other woman's shoulder and for them to spread apart. She didn't actually yell, since court was in session, but she mouthed and pantomimed the warning in a way that left no doubt that she was yelling. It was pretty amusing.

We waited and waited while everyone got called, except for Steven and the person behind us. Finally they called the woman who had put her head on her partner's shoulder. She had her trial and they were pretty much finished talking and were waiting for the judge to finish writing something. The court room was really silent and besides the judge, the only other people in this large room were the two bailiffs, one lawyer and his client, the client's girlfriend, a representative from the probation department and us.

Suddenly, we hear a loud outburst of bottom noise from the bench behind us! Now I say bottom noise because that is what Denise's kids call it and I love that. My kids are not as politically correct as Denise's kids, so mine would have said we heard a loud fart! Now that is what I call court entertainment!

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I would have completely lost it!!!