Sunday, December 28, 2008

Our Trip, Day Three

GracieGirl and JJ

E playing Webkinz (this kid is 2 going on 15)

The kids hanging out

Hannah and Alex at the park


We had another one of Nick's delicous breakfast feasts this morning. Mike made the sausage and Nick made bacon, a spinach fritatta and eggs to order for those of us who wouldn't eat the fritatta due to onions and peppers. I had a super yummy fried egg sandwich with well done sausage links and extra crispy bacon. Not so good for me, but it sure tasted good!

We spent the day mostly being lazy, although I organized the kids and we did a "family clean-up". We put all the toys, clothes and junk away and vacuumed all the rooms. Alex, Hannah, Shauna, Nate and JJ all helped. They hardly even complained! Nick did the dishes and now, a few hours later, it still looks pretty good around here. We are cooking chili and hot dogs for dinner.

Mike took the older 5 to the park while the 2 little ones napped. Between that and jumping on the trampoline, the kids were able to burn off quite a bit of energy. The weather was beautiful, with temperatures in the low 60's.

Tomorrow we are planning to hit some thrift stores, which should be fun. Virginia doesn't have very good thrift stores, so the kids and I are pretty excited about bargain hunting. I still have to get a Christmas gift for my mom, anyone have any ideas? I have no idea what to get her.

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