Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Steven surprises me!

Steven wanted to buy new shoes and had enough money for them. He wanted me to get up early yesterday and take him to the outlet mall to get them. I hate getting up early, especially on Monday, so I told him I would take him on Tuesday because he didn't have to be at work until 2:00. So, we went to the outlet mall today and he picked out a very nice pair of shoes that were also on sale. He couldn't get the ones that he really wanted because his size was gone, but the ones he got look good.

After we finished at the Nike store, I wanted to take a quick look around in my favorite kitchen store, which is only a few down from Nike. Mike was saying he wanted to get me a new pizza cutter for Christmas, so I figured I would check them out and see which one I wanted. I LOVE this store and I walked around looking at all the cool stuff with a big smile on my face! I looked at the pizza cutters and decided that I would tell Mike to get the KitchenAid pizza cutter because that looked like the nicest one. I then did a quick tour of the store. Steven mentioned that we needed to leave to get him to work on time. I said I will be done in a minute or two. When I turned, Steven was gone, so I figured he had gone to wait outside for me. I started for the front of the store and only stopped once, to look at a marble board, so I was pretty proud of myself since I wanted to stop and look at everything! When I got near the front door, there was Steven, walking towards me with a bag. He handed me the bag with the pizza cutter I wanted and said, "Here I got this for you."! I was so excited because it isn't very often that Steven does anything like this and I was really proud of him.


Denise said...

That is just awesome!

Anon commentor said...

Now what am I going to get you???