Tuesday, December 16, 2008

One of those days

It started early this morning when Hannah decided to steal some of Shauna's clothes and Shauna woke up and caught her. Shauna, of course, started screaming at Hannah and trying to grab the clothes out of her hand. Hannah, of course, shoved Shauna up against a dresser, grabbed and pinched her shoulder and slapped her in the face.

Then it was time to wake Steven up to take him to jail. He was very cranky. He went up to take a shower and CUP told him not to use his towel. That somehow turned into a scream fest, with Steven doing most of the screaming. Actually, I think he did all of the screaming, CUP only told him that he couldn't use the upstairs shower. I can't even begin to repeat what was being screamed, but the "f" word was used at least 8 times and a few other nasty words were thrown in for good measure. He ended up showering in my shower, leaving his soaking wet towel in the middle of my bathroom floor. He also left three of his work aprons in the middle of the family room floor, saying Dad could wash them this weekend. Apparently middle of floor equals hamper in Steven's world.

Remember how I said Steven needed to have whitey tighties, white t-shirts and crew socks for jail? Guess where we had to stop on the way to jail today? Yup, Target. He changed in the car. I guess the crankiness came from being nervous about going to jail. Good, he should be nervous. He would never admit to being nervous, but I know he was. I'm anxious to find out what the jail is like and what he does there all day, if he will talk about it. I hope he hates it, but I wonder if he will. If he just sits around and does nothing all day, he might just like it!

You know, I truly believe that it is a good thing that Steven has to serve this jail time. I really do, but as a parent, it was really hard to watch my baby boy walk into the jail building. I can't help but picture his little chubby cheeks, big blue eyes and raspy little voice when he was a baby. Boy, how I would have argued with anyone who told me he would turn out like this.

Continuing with my fun day, when Hannah got home from school, she was as always, beyond anxious to go out and play with her friends. I had the wonderful luck of having to tell her that she was grounded for being violent to Shauna in the morning. That was fun. She melted down, which I was hoping she wouldn't. CUP heard her and came down to defend me, but luckily I didn't need it. She followed me around, screaming at me to change my mind and give her the "right answer" and arguing and arguing and arguing....She finally gave up and hit the cat, threw a cat sleeping mat at my head, threw a hat at me, but missed and hit Alex in the face, then proceeded to rip all the garland on the railing into tiny bits. I hate to tell her, but that was old, yucky garland that I was going to throw out, but Alex put it on the railing. I actually have lighted garland that goes on there, I just can't find it. Oh, and she threw all the folded clothes that were waiting to be put away. Thank goodness there were only a few stragglers, so that wasn't much of a mess. She then went upstairs and fell asleep and has been asleep ever since and that was two hours ago. Should be fun when she wakes up.

CUP and I went to Golden Corral for breakfast after dropping Steven off at the jail. I guess I was feeling like I deserved a treat for going through that trauma! It was very good and we had a nice time. I really liked the orange/strawberry/banana juice they had, yum. We also had to stop at the DMV to renew some expired plates, for which CUP had already gotten a ticket.

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