Sunday, December 14, 2008

Dance Pictures

Alex and Hannah went to a dance Friday night. I straightened Hannah's hair and took some pictures. Alex didn't want to be in one, but I made him. Speaking of Hannah's hair, ugh! She found out about 6 weeks ago that if she washed her hair and left the shampoo in, her hair would stay wavy and wet-looking and not puff up. When I found out that is what she was doing to achieve that look, I told her she needed to stop immediately because she was going to dry out her scalp and hair and her hair would break off more than usual, etc. Well, you can't tell Hannah what to do when it comes to her hair. She is obsessed with it and plays around with it constantly. I'm not kidding, some days she will change the style 25 times, not an exaggeration. Well, she ended up drying her scalp out (surprise, surprise) by leaving the shampoo in and I had to pick hundreds of clumps of disgusting dry skin (think dandruff, but WAY bigger with most pieces about 1/4" x 1/2") out of her hair after I washed it. There were some before I washed it, but when I massaged her scalp, it loosened a ton more. Her ears were covered with dry, flaking skin, too. These flakes were a dark color, as well, because they had taken on some of the color from the other hair products (leave in conditioner and probably hair spray, even though she is forbidden to use it) that she uses. YUCK! I hope she learned her lesson. She said she has, but I wouldn't be surprised if she forgets and repeats it at least a few more times in the next few months.

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