Sunday, December 21, 2008

Tacky light tour

We went on a mini Tacky Christmas Light Tour tonight. We were going to Richmond to see our brother-in-law's band play and since Christmas lights in Williamsburg suck, we decided to take a quick tour of some good light displays in Midlothian. We saw several good ones before we had to head over the the restaurant where the band was playing. It was kind of like the good old days when tacky light tours happened every Christmas. By the way, there was nothing tacky about any of the displays we saw, they were just pretty. Well, one we laughed at because it was the furthest away and then it was only a ton of white lighted reindeer (45 or so) just chillin' on the lawn!

We had a great time at the sports bar, watching hockey games and listening to the music. I will post some pictures tomorrow. Hannah went home with Chuck and Roni to spend a couple of days with them. She won't be home until Monday night, so the next few days will be pretty quiet around here.


Denise said...

I can't believe you went on the Tacky Lights Tour!!!!!!! I am SO jealous! We were watching it on TLC last night. We even saw all of the white deer.

I think Nick wants to move to Richmond to become a part of the tour!

Torina said...

Sounds like fun!

Mom of 7 said...

LOL! Mike said he can see Nick becoming part of the tour by "going overboard and getting all the stuff at Walmart"!!! If you come here for Christmas next year, you can go on the tour with us.